Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions frequently asked by users of the guides, our Market Experts (sponsors) and our distribution network.  If you have any further questions then please contact IMA.

General Questions

Q: Are the guides free?

A: Amazingly yes, the guides are available free-of-charge as a ‘hard copy’ brochure (and downloadable PDF), fully interactive and updateable multimedia based website and a smart phone and tablet ‘mobile app’. The guides are kindly funded via private sector ‘Market Expert’ sponsorship.

Q: How do I get a printed ‘hard copy’ of a guide?

A: Simply contact IMA on ++44 (0) 1298 79562 or email us at and tell us which guide(s) you would like and we will send it/them out to you in the post, alternatively, all our guides are available in a free-of-charge downloadable PDF format via the individual guide websites.

Q: Where does the information in the 'Guide' section of the website come from?

A: All of the written information within the main Guide section of our publications is researched, written and regularly updated by IMA’s own content team, unless otherwise stated. We work closely with the Department for International Trade's ‘International Trade Teams’, international Chambers of Commerce, and trade associations throughout the world, which means that facts and figures are authentic and up-to-date when published.

Q: Who is producing the Doing Business Guide?

A: The Doing Business Guides are produced and powered by the Institute of Export & International Trade and International Market Advisor Ltd.

Q: Where are the guides distributed?

A: Up to 10,000 copies of each 'guide' are produced and distributed free-of-charge across the UK and the overseas 'market' through the following outlets:

  • Institute of Export & International Trade Head Office, Peterborough.

  • IMA Head Office Buxton, Derbyshire.

  • UK Export Finance Head Office London.

  • UK Export Finance’s UK-wide network of 28 International Export Finance Advisers.

  • Department for International Trade’s UK-wide network of 350+ International Trade Advisors (ITAs). IMA manages a database of ITAs and DIT regional offices – all of whom contact IMA on a regular basis requesting copies of the ‘Guide’ brochures.

  • 50 UK based local Chambers of Commerce.

  • British Embassies/Consulates/High Commissions/British Government overseas trade offices (Throughout the world)

  • International Chambers of Commerce (Throughout the world)

The hard-copy glossy brochures are also mailed out to specific exporters, investors and effective business travellers. Further distribution takes place at relevant exhibitions, road shows, conferences and trade missions throughout the shelf-life of the guides.

Q: How many copies of the 'Doing Business in' Guide will we receive?

A: As a user we can send you one free copy, as a Market Expert (sponsor) of the guides you can receive up to 50 free copies, however for special circumstances, such as an event; we can arrange a larger number to be sent out.


Questions relating to Market Expert (sponsors) Profile Page/Advertisement

Q: Will I be able to see the final layout of our profile page before publication?

A: Yes.  Sign off is required from all of our Market Experts before we move to production in order to ensure that everyone is happy with the work produced, and to achieve the highest quality publication possible. Once the media materials have been received from our sponsors, a first draft of the profile page will be created and then sent to the sponsors. After that, if any amendments are required, further drafts will be sent to the sponsors to ensure that they are happy at every stage.

Q: Can I provide extra materials, not specified within the Welcome Pack/Technical Specifications?

A: Only if the material is relevant and adheres to the file types specified within our Technical Specifications document.  In some cases, our sponsors can provide additional materials, for example, if you are sponsoring the Law chapter of the Doing Business in Guide, you could provide a separate "Legal Chapter" which provides information on the legal procedures of the country that UK companies should take in to account before trading overseas. This would then be integrated into the main Guide section of the website and within the hard-copy glossy brochure.

Q: How many advertisement spaces are we allocated within the hard-copy glossy brochure?

A: As a Market Expert, you are allocated up to 3 full pages within the hard-copy glossy brochure (in full colour), in addition to the online based profile. A full page print advertisement is a compulsory media component and must be supplied by the sponsor. The 2 additional pages are optional, but highly recommended, in order to optimise your profile. For example, you could supply advertorial pages, a case study or an industry overview.

Q: Will the information which we provide for the Website also be included in the hard-copy glossy brochure?

A: No.  The media materials which you provide for the website (logo, banner, text etc) will also be used on the website and Mobile Device-friendly App, however, you will need to provide separate materials (an advertisement plus 2 additional pages) for inclusion within the Guide's hard-copy glossy brochure.

Q: Should I provide all of my materials in English?

A: Yes.  The predominant audience for the Doing Business Guide are organisations from the United Kingdom who are looking to trade and invest overseas, it would, therefore, not be beneficial to have the adverts/text in another language. 

Q: Can I see an example of a print advertisement?

A: Yes.  You can see three examples of previously submitted adverts on our Resources pages.

Q: Can I send our media materials on CD?

A: Yes.  You can mail the disk to our address, however, please note that this will delay the project because of the time that it will take to deliver the disk so it is advised as a last option. You can send all digital files by email or if the files are too large, via a file sharing website.

Q: Does a video have to be included in my company profile?

A: No.  The video, is an additional option which you may wish to include within the company profile page, although it is recommended in order to optimise your profile.

Q: Can we brand our page?

A: Yes.  As a Market Expert Sponsor, you can brand your profile page, as long as you provide brand guidelines which our designers can adhere to.


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